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Don Cortez training

By improving your knowledge of coffee, you can improve its taste. Therefore, Caffè Don Cortez organizes training courses for customers, baristas and enthusiasts.

In the classrooms at our headquarters and our warehouses, qualified teachers and cup tasting experts will guide you down the path of constant improvement so that you can offer top quality in every single cup and perfect the pleasures of Espresso Coffee.
Foundation course
Foundation course

8 hours
max. 12 people
lunch is included

Price: €150 + VAT

A comprehensive course that makes a great starting point for people who want to learn the basics about Italian espresso. It provides participants with an overview of the world of coffee, from the origins in plantations to serving the consumers.

  • The coffee bean’s journey: from the plant to the cup (history, cultivation, harvest, processing, drying, transport).
  • From green beans to roasted coffee: differences between Arabica and Robusta in terms of quality and sensory properties.
  • Visit to the roasting facility: the production cycle.
  • Coffee in Italy and worldwide: production and consumption.
  • Espresso in cafés: consumption and trends.
  • The blend.
  • Espresso machines and grinder/dispensers: use and maintenance.
  • Handling: extracting espresso properly.
Intermediate course
Intermediate course

6 hours
max. 4 people

Price: €175 + VAT

The ideal course for aspiring professional baristas and expert baristas who want to learn the secrets of exceptional preparation.

  • Espresso machines: settings and maintenance.
  • Grinder/dispensers: settings and maintenance.
  • Perfect espresso extraction.
  • Making a cappuccino.
  • Espresso-based drinks: latte macchiato, espresso macchiato, marocchino.
  • Service: exceptional standards at the counter.
Advanced course
Advanced course

4 hours
max. 4 people

Price: €175 + VAT

A course for improving your Latte Art skills and learning to make coffee-based specialities to offer to your customers.

  • Latte Art: free pouring and decorating with tools.
  • Decorating with tools.
  • Summer specialities.
  • Winter specialities.
  • Alcoholic coffee-based specialities.
Foundation course
Cup tasting

4 hours
max. 4 people

Price: €175 + VAT

Theory and practice of coffee tasting. While drinking espresso often gives rise to personal discussions about taste, tasting is actually a genuine profession that involves objective coffee assessment criteria. This course will teach you about those criteria and provide you with the resources for analysing the quality of an espresso.

  • Tasting and memorizing acidic water, salty water, sweet water and bitter water.
  • Tasting techniques and assessment criteria.
  • Blind H 2O test.
  • Practical coffee tasting and assessment exercise.

Individually tailored courses

Specially tailored training courses, with subjects and locations that can be chosen together in order to find the ideal training solution for the customer’s needs. An exclusive service that our Bar Trainers can provide for both aspiring baristas and expert baristas.

Price: €50 + VAT per hour

The prices are per participant. For information and reservations:

T. +39 0445 576910